Consumption-based Carbon Accounting and Policies: Opportunities, Barriers and Implementation

Second Stakeholder Engagement Workshop, 8th of October 2015, Geneva

Carbon-CAP organised its second stakeholder engagement workshop on the 8th of October 2015 in Geneva.

Whereas some countries have been able to reduce emissions at the production level, they have in some cases increased them at the consumption level through imports of carbon embodied in internationally traded goods and services. As a result, for some countries total emissions remained unchanged or even increased. It is therefore necessary to account for emissions occurring through consumption and explore policies for addressing such emissions.

Against this background, the workshop explored the role of consumption-based accounting in the context of international climate negotiations, examined potential policy instruments to tackle consumption-related emissions in key sectors, and discussed ways to overcome implementation barriers for consumption-based climate policies. It further explored the effect of the inclusion of consumption based policies on supply chains and trade.

The workshop was organised by the Carbon-CAP Consortium to present main findings and questions resulting from the second year of research.