Carbon Consumption-based Accounting and Policy Side-Event UNFCCC

Carbon-CAP Side event at the UNFCCC session, 10th of June 2015, Bonn

The Carbon-CAP consortium hosted a side event at the UNFCCC Bonn session on 10th June 2015.

Consumption is a key driver of increasing emissions, and emissions embodied in internationally traded goods and services are growing. However, current climate policies focus primarily on production-based approaches. Complementary approaches targeting consumption-related emissions can help address carbon embedded in international trade and the role of consumption as a driver of emissions in order to generate more effective and ambitious mitigation action.

The side-event explored the role of consumption-based accounting in the context of international climate negotiations and discussed potential policy instruments to address consumption-related emissions. It presented an assessment of different policy measures, including potential implications for international trade.


For some photos from the event, visit the Climate Strategies website here.